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Hi guys and gals. This is important for those of you who visit this tumblr. If you’re looking for more followers on any platform, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc… you will get a lot more if you follow us and then send your details through to all of our visitors by asking a question or making a post submission. Do this instead of simply following us, which will only get you one new follower, which is us.


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Maybe we should start a new site, like a mini social network where people can share their content AND FIND MORE Followers, outside of just Tumblr???
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Well seeing as it’s my question I do agree. Anyone have any suggestions?


Heloo guys and gals who follow me and got your follow back. If you come back to make another post, please include a description about whichever site you want follower. Be it Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. :-)

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